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Why Having a professional Portfolio of your work is important
As a fine art photographer, your portfolio is your "business card" so to speak. It will open doors for you and show potential clients what you can do and how good you really are.

In the visual arts, the proof is in the pudding, to use a popular metaphor. People measure your abilities as a photographer by looking at your work. Not just your photographs, but how they are presented.

Many photographers carry their prints in a paper-manufacturer box. You know what I mean: an empty box of paper that is given a second life as storage and "display case" for your fine art prints. Needless to say, such a box does not make you or your work look very good. Your prints may be fantastic, but the way they are presented is less than stellar.

You may think that how you display your work does not matter. You may think that what matters is how good your prints are. Not so. Most people, no matter how odd it may sound, judge a book by its cover. In regards to your work, they will judge it by the box it is in. If it is presented in an empty paper-manufacturer box, you won't get the same respect (or any respect at all) that you will get if your fine art prints are presented in a beautiful, hand-made portfolio case with your prints professionally presented inside.

Creating a porfolio is not easy. There are a lot of specific steps involved and there are specific materialsand tools to be used. Finding hand-made portfolio cases is not easy either and having one made just for you can be very expensive. To help you in this endeavor we offer a package that contains all the materials, supplies and instructions you need to create your own fine art portfolio and to make your work look the best it has ever looked.

Beaux Arts Portfolio CD, PortfolioToolkit
and 11x14 Portfolio Case
All the tools, supplies and tutorial you need to create your own fine art portfolio


Beaux Arts Portfolio CD, PortfolioToolkit
and 16x20 Portfolio Case
All the tools, supplies and tutorial you need to create your own fine art portfolio


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Why you need the Beaux Arts Portfolio CD & Toolkit and Beaux Arts hand-made portfolio cases:
A portfolio is a wonderful way to showcase, display and present your work to others, be they friends, family members, clients or galleries. Portfolios make wonderful presents to friends and family members. If you are marketing your work a portfolio is a wonderful addition to your current offerings

You can create a portfolio on a variety of subjects, depending on your personal photographic collection: landscapes, portraits, family photographs, a special event or place and much more. The choice is yours.

What I offer you are the tools, supplies and teaching materials that will enable you to create a world-class portfolio. The portfolio cases I offer are hand-made by craftmen and craftwomen who have skills that only a lifetime of practice can give you. These portfolio boxes have an old-world quality that is nearly impossible to find today. I did my best to photograph them but you have to hold one in your hands to really know what I mean. You will be stunned by the quality of these unique portfolio cases.

The Beaux Arts Portfolio CD & Toolkit provides you with all the tools, information, tutorials and templates necessary to create your own portfolios. You only need one kit for as many portfolios as you like.

The value of the kit is in the unique collections of tools, tutorials, supplies, and information. All you need is there, including Photoshop and InDesign templates ready for you to type your name and title of your portfolio, print them, and adhere them to the portfolio case cover. To assemble this collection yourself would require you to go to many stores or web sites as there is no one place that has it all. I myself had to gather these materials from many places, some of them quite difficult to find.

Both the Portfolio cases, the tools and the supplies are the exact same ones I use to create my own portfolios, such as my recent Navajoland Portfolio. The only difference is that the Portfolio Cases I am offering you do not have my name and portfolio title. Instead, they have 3 debossed (read "recessed") areas for you to adhere your name, portfolio title and cover photograph.

Contents of the Beaux Arts Portfolio CD & Toolkit
The portfolio CD and Toolkit are not sold separately.
They are only available with a Portfolio Case,
You have the choice of ordering an 11x14 or a 16x20 Portfolio Case

All portfolio cases are archivally hand-made to Museum Standards

Complete list of contents for the Beaux Arts Portfolio CD & Toolkit package:

1-Portfolio Creation Kit :
• Portfolio CD notes
• Portfolio Toolkit contents

2 -  Alain's Navajoland Portfolio
A - Portfolio Announcements
•Navajoland Portfolio Announcement
•Navajoland Portfolio Presentation
•Navajoland Portfolio Movie
•Navajoland Portfolio Order form

B - Portfolio Case Creation
•Navajoland Case Creation Article (30 pages PDF)
•Navajoland Case Designs
- All the designs I considered including the final case design

C - Navajoland Portfolio Contents
•The PDF version of the exclusive, 19 pages, printed brochure included with the original Navajoland Portfolio
•The PDF version of the cover letter included with the original limited edition Navajoland Portfolio
-Both the brochure and the cover letter are only available with the original portfolio and on this CD.
•Exclusive photographs of complete contents of the Navajoland Portfolio (20 pages portfolio).

3 - Making your own portfolio
•Portfolio Case Design Templates
- 11x14 and 16x20 Photoshop and InDesign templates. All you have to do is type your name, the portfolio name, and the cover photograph of your portfolio. The placement, sizing and dimentions are already set for you
•How to mat and sign your prints

Portfolio Toolkit:
Note: you only need one toolkit since you can make many portfolios with it.
A - Three Signing pens
• Archival pen for signing onto glossy prints
• Technical pencil for signing on matte papers
• Technical pencil for signing on matted prints

B - White eraser
C - Archival glue to attach your name, cover photograph and title to your portfolio
D - Archival Photo Corners to attach your photograph to the mats
• For use only if you decide to mat your photographs. Photographs can also be presented un-matted
E - Cotton Gloves and Interleaving tissue
• A pair of cotton gloves and a pack of twenty 11x14 or 13x19 interleaving tissue are included with each portfolio case ordered by Portfolio CD owners. You can order as many portfolio cases as you like and you will get gloves and interleaving tissue at no extra cost for each portfolio case you order.

Hand Made Portfolio Cases:
A - 11x14 Portfolio Case
•11x14 (interior size) hand made portfolio case. Off-white natural linen cover; off-white, fine weave linen lining

B - 16x20 Portfolio Case
•16x20 (interior size) hand made portfolio case. Desert Sand suede cover; beige, fine-weave linen lining

Custom Cut Mats:
Custom cut mats are available if you desire to mat the photographs in your portfolio. The custom mats page gives you all the information you need to order your mats.

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