Mastering Landscape Photography

The book and the print arrived a couple of days ago. I want to tell you how beautiful the print is and your book… it’s way beyond my expectation. Having read the series on LL I was prepared on the content but the beautiful printing gives a different edge to the experience.
Aristide Torrelli, Italy

I received the signed copy of your book and the ‘SpiderRock’ print early last week - thanks for sending them so promptly.The SpiderRock print is quite stunning even in the small size print, and I can see why you chose it as a print and as a working example in your book.
Mark Szydlowski

Just a quick note to thank you for packing the prints, book and media so carefully.  The quality of the book is surprisingly good - often, standard printing processes leave a fair bit to be desired but the reproductions are excellent.  It is nice to have the articles in a book form and although I have them on CD and via my subscription, there is something about them being presented in a book.
Shaun Amy, Australia

My daughter gave me your book and one of your prints of Spider Rock. I couldn't put the book down. My former foster son lives in Monument Valley and I can't wait for a photo journey to the area. I have been fortunate in the past two years to make a photo journey to the North Rim. I am working hard to learn digital photography and do medical teaching and work in Africa. I plan to spend months at a time in Africa in a few years and photograph the most beautiful people in the world. I look forward some day to attending one of your workshops.
Jeff Peters

My wife and daughter are both saying what a difference studying with the two of you has made in my work.  They wouldn’t be so cruel to say my work before Death Valley was really quite crude but I can say it.  The Death Valley workshop got me pointed in a totally new and positive direction.  The digital summit took my work to the next plateau.
Ralph Nordstrom, California