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Vision Vision starts with personal taste. It starts with a conscious awareness of what you like and don’t like. One of the first exercises you can do is make a list of what you like and don’t like in photography and which photographers you like and dislike. Vision is about …

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The most important aspect of photography is not the gear you own or the techniques you use. The most important aspect of photography is light.

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Monument Valley Avant Garde: How it was done

June 15, 2013 Art, Technique, Workshops 3 Comments

Monument Valley Avant Garde

I make it my challenge to photograph well known locations – icons as some people call them – in a new way. This is one of the reasons behind the ‘avant garde’ part of the title.  While I also photograph little known locations, I find it inspirational to photograph locations that are well known.  The challenge of seeing a location photographed by many with fresh eyes is a challenge that gives me motivation to create images that have not been done before, images that fit within a tradition while at the same time challenging this tradition.  The rebellious spirit that motivates this approach is part of my work.  It is assotiated with a focus on form and color, both of which are modified at will to fit my vision.

We visit this location during our Navajoland Workshop.  Here is next year’s Workshop description:

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