Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD announcement


In 2006 I released the Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This year, 8 years later, I released the Advanced  Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This new Workshop on DVD is called the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD because the contents of this new Workshop on DVD goes way beyond the contents of the Introductory Marketing Workshop on DVD.

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This new tutorial is also up to date with today’s economy.  8 years ago is a huge amount of time in the world of marketing. A lot of things happened in those 8 years!  The most significant being that we went through a dramatic recession of which we have not fully emerged yet.

In 2006 the economy was rock solid and business was rocking.  If you had asked anyone back then what they thought the future had in store, they would have said ‘more of the same’.  In other words, positivism ran wild back then.  People were optimistic.  Everyone was buying and spending freely.


The recession came as a shock and took many people down with it.  Housing values crumbled. Net worth was severely diminished.  To face what for many amounted to a disaster people cut down on unnecessary expenses. One such expense was art, photographic art in our situation.  There is no point buying a photograph to hang over the mantle when you are foreclosing on your home.  Similarly, home decor, one of the main reasons collectors purchase fine art photographs, is not on people’s radar when they lose they job, see the value of their investments plummet or face other dire financial issues.

Some fine art photographers went out of business.  Some made do.  Some did better than they ever did.  We know why some went out of business. There is no mystery there.  We can also guess how some managed to ‘make do.’  Cutting expenses, going into ‘survival’ mode and basically waiting out the storm hoping that things will improve.  The real question, the one that is puzzling many people, is how and why did some fine art photographers manage to do better in such a poor economic situation. The short answer: they knew how to market their work successfully during a recession.  The longer answer: the contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  It’s all there and it works.

This new seminar is centered around the message that is at the center of my teaching:

The most important aspect of selling your work successfully
is taking control of your own destiny instead of waiting to be discovered

The reason for this focus is that I’ve never been fond of waiting.  Call me impatient if you want, that’s fine with me.  Life is simply too short to wait to be discovered.  Plus there’s a major problem with waiting.  What if nobody comes?  What if nothing happens?  What if we are never discovered?  To me that option is no fun at all and I am not willing to take the chance of waiting for nothing.  Especially since there is a solid and efficient alternative and that is to be pro-active and take control of our destiny ourselves.  Who wants to wait?  Not me and I’m ready to bet not you either.  Especially if you know how to make things happen now.

The contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
All this is nice but I am sure you want to know exactly what is in this new Seminar.  Well, no problem.  Here is the table of contents.  There are 19 sections.  Each section featuring one to ten sub-sections:

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – How Fine Art Photographs are Sold

Section 3:  Theory – The Fine Art Photography Business

Section 4:  Theory – Understanding the Selling process

Section 5:  Theory – Why people buy art

Section 6:  Practice – How to start your business

Section 7:  Practice – Where to sell your work

Section 8:  Practice – Seeking Gallery Representation

Section 9:  Practice – Selling on the web

Section 10:  Practice – Communicating with customers

Section 11:  Practice – Improving Sales

Section 12:  Practice – Managing your career

Section 13:  Practice – Creating the Lifestyle you desire

Section 14:  Practice – How are you going to do this

Section 15:  Practice – The 12 commandments of Marketing

Section 16:  Conclusion

Section 17:  Artist Stories

Section 18:  Reference files

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Alain Briot

The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection

The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection

Natalie and I are proud to announce a new Limited Edition Print Collection: The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection:

The 2014 Holiday Print of the Season is titled Comb Ridge Sunset.

This print is only offered during the 2014 Holiday Season. Availability ends on December 31st or when all 14 prints are sold, whichever comes first.

The edition is limited to 14 prints to celebrate 2014. There will be 15 prints in 2015, 16 in 2016 and so on.

You can see the image we selected for the 2014 Holliday season at the link below:


Black Friday Special Offers

Briot Black Friday Special Offers

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2 – Register for a workshop and get Alain’s book, Mastering Landscape Photography, signed, free

3 – All 140 Prints of the Month are 50% off + free shipping

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Thank you!

Alain and Natalie

The Little Known Private Workshops Series

September 14th, 2014
Introducing the Alain Briot Little Known Private Workshops Series

Natalie and I are proud to announce a limited and exclusive series of field photography workshops to the lesser known areas of the Southwest with Alain and Natalie Briot and limited to 6 participants only. These workshops are not listed on my website or in my newsletter. The only way to know about them is to get on the “Little Known Workshops‘ private invitation list.’ Getting on this list is simple: just email me at with the words ‘Little Known Workshops’ in the subject line.

Read on! More details below:

In addition to our regular series of workshops, which are opened to 12 photographers, Natalie and I offer a second series of workshops which are called the Little Known Workshops Series.

The Little Known Workshops have unique characteristics that makes them very different from our regular workshops.

First, their numbers are very limited. We offer them once or twice a year, and not every year. Their availability is dependent on our schedule and on our other commitments. At times we often them regularly, but there has been times when we have not offered them for 3 or 4 years in a row.

Second they are open to only 6 photographers, half the number of participants in our regular workshop series.

Third they are offered by invitation only. They are not listed on this website and no public announcement is made.

Fourth they are open first to previous workshop participants, based on their photography level. We may on occasion invite a new student but only after evaluating their work.

Fifth they require an ‘open mind’ and a taste for adventure in regard to logistics and schedule. Because the places we visit are remote and require driving on dirt roads, they may require a certain amount of driving skills to reach. This means that passenger cars are not appropriate and that an SUV is required.

Sixth, and most importantly I believe, we will take you to locations that we could not go to with a large group. We will also take you to locations that we have personally discovered, locations that may not be photographed often or at all.  If you are working on developing your vision or your style (and if not, you definitely need to!) or working on your personal portfolio or other projects, these have your name on it.

How to join us

If this series of workshops has your name on it and you would like to join us, just drop us a line at with the words Little Known Workshops in the subject line. We will add you to the pre-registration list. If you have not taken a workshop with us before include a link to a portfolio of your work so we can see if this workshop is suited to your photography level.


These workshops are not announced on my site so the only way to know about them is through the pre-announcement list email. Therefore be sure to email us to add your name to the interest list if you want to be notified when a new Little Known Workshop is offered.

They are also not announced in my regular newsletter (the one to which you subscribe with the Subscribe button at the top of this page). Just to the private ‘little known’ email list!

Quick response recommended

Also, a quick response is recommended after you receive our email. The last Little Known Workshop we offered filled up within 4 hours and quite a few people on the list were disappointed because they did not act fast enough.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.

Alain et Natalie

Click here to read more details about the unique Alain Briot Little Known Private Workshops Series

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

We are putting the final touches to the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD (also available on USB flash card). We plan to officially announce it and start shipping in a week or so. If you haven’t joined the pre-announcement list yet you can still do so by emailing me at We will have a special offer for 20% and more.

You can see a pre-release description of this new tutorial at this link.

And you can read excerpts from my story at this link. My entire story is featured in the Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD in the context of my body of work. The reasons why your story is important are explained on the DVD.


Mastery Workshops on DVD Special Offer Summer 2014

Mastery Workshops on DVD Special Offer Summer 2014

The Summer 2014 Mastery Workshops on DVD Special Offer is in full swing. students have taken advantage of the huge savings this offer gives you.
If this offer has your name on it, don’t miss it! It is not too late to do so, but it will be soon.

This limited time offer  saves you 20% and more off the regular pricing of the Mastery Workshops on DVD tutorials series.  This offer applies to all seven  Mastery Workshops photography tutorials:

1 – Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD
2 – Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
3 – Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD
4 – Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD
5 – Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
6 – Personal Style Mastery Workshop on DVD
7 – Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

The detailed description of all 7 Mastery Workshops on DVDs, with the unique benefit offered by each, is available at this link:

You can also learn about the upcoming Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD here. This upcoming tutorial is the continuation of the Personal Style Mastery Workshop on on DVD.

The Mastery Workshop tutorials are also available on USB Flash Drives, and you can pay in  installments if you like. Just let us know if you want to use these options.
800-949-7983 (US and Canada)
928-252-2466 (International)

Thank you for your interest in our tutorials.

Alain and Natalie Briot

Summer 2014 Mastery DVDs Special Offer

Summer 2014 Mastery DVDs Special Offer

I am pleased to announce the Summer 2014 Mastery Workshops on DVD Special Offer:

You can also learn about the upcoming Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD here. This upcoming tutorial is the continuation of the Personal Style Mastery Workshop on on DVD

This limited time offer  saves you 20% or more off the regular pricing of the Mastery Workshops on DVD tutorials series.This offer applies to the following Mastery DVD photography tutorials:

1 – Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD
2 – Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
3 – Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD
4 – Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD
5 – Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
6 – Personal Style Mastery Workshop on DVD
7 – Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

The detailed description of all 7 Mastery Workshops on DVDs, with the unique benefit offered by each, is available at this link:


The Mastery Workshop tutorials are also available on USB Flash Drives, and you can pay in three installments if you like. Just let us know if you want to use these options.
800-949-7983 (US and Canada)
928-252-2466 (International)

Best regards,

Alain and Natalie

The 2014 Fine Art Photography Summit

The 2014 Fine Art Photography Summit is the yearly event during which we combine field work, image processing, photograph reviews, presentations and one on one work.The Fine Art Summit features a different guest speaker and is organized in a different location each year. This year’s Summit takes place in Moab, Utah, home of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and our Guest Speaker and Instructor is Vincent Versace. We have prepared an exciting schedule for you and we are proud to be able to say that this is our 12th consecutive Summit. You can read all the details and register at this link.


One of the many locations we will photograph during the 2014 Summit
1 – About the Fine Art Photography Summit
The Fine Art Photography Summit is organized by Alain and Natalie Briot. Each year Natalie and I invite a different guest speaker. This year the 2014 guest speaker is Vincent Versace. In previous years we have invited Michael Reichmann, Joseph Holmes, Charles Cramer, Mac Holbert, Jeff Schewe and many other guest speakers.The guest speaker is responsible for giving presentations each day during the Summit, helping photographers with their work during 1 on 1 work sessions, and reviewing participants work during the photograph review on the final day of the Summit.The Summit is organized in a different location each year. This year the Fine Art Photography Summit takes place in Moab, Utah. In previous years the Summit has been organized in Page (Antelope Canyon), Death Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon and several other locations.  The choice of Moab for this year’s location is unique because it provides you with easy access to two National Parks: Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  We will photograph both parks during the Summit.  Moab also provides access to many photogenic locations around Moab and to little known areas of the Northern part of Navajoland.  We will be photographing little known areas of Navajoland during the field workshop after the Summit, locations that we have never visited during a workshop.This brings me to the Vision Field Workshops.  The Summit, which lasts 4 days, is followed by the three days Vision Field Workshop.  Just like the Summit the Vision Field workshop takes you to new locations each year.  This year we will explore the Northern part of Navajoland, an area which is rarely visited and photographed.  We will explore little known locations in Navajoland.  Our goal is to take you to the best locations at the best time so you can get the unique light for which the Southwest and Navajoland are known for.

The Vision Field Workshop focus on helping you develop a personal style and express your personal vision.  Because the Vision Field Workshop is the natural extension of the Summit, and because most participants want to maximize their trip, they fill out quickly.  Right now we only have 2 seats left for the 2014 Summit + Vision Field Workshop. You may still be able to get in, but you will need to act quickly.  I expect them to be sold out shortly after people receive this newsletter.2 – About the Guest Speakers

Vincent Versace
Vincent Versace is known for his careful and quality-oriented processing workflow.  Vincent will be teaching his workflow, with a focus on making it easy to understand, during the Summit.

Vincent will also teach Infrared photography.  To this end he will bring 4 to 6 Nikon D800 cameras modified for Infrared.  These cameras will be available to all participants, on loan for the duration of the Summit.
Vincent will also bring two Epson printers.  Vincent will teach his printing workflow during the Summit.  We will use these printers to print your photographs during the Summit. 

Alain Briot
Alain’s presentations will focus on his workflow, on image processing, on composition and on the importance of developing a vision for your work.  To this end Alain will show a large selection of his images and talk about how each of them represents a specific vision.  Alain will explain why he made specific decisions when composing, processing and printing each image in order to express a specific vision and idea.  Alain’s presentations will focus on the technical and theoretical aspects of expressing a Personal Vision for your work.

Vincent and Alain will also review the photographs you create during the Summit.
Detailed descriptions of the presentations Vincent and Alain will give at the summit are available at this link. 

3 – How to register
To attend this year’s event we recommend you register right now. The 2014 Summit is already partially filled and the Vision Field Workshops are almost sold out.  It is not too late to grab one of the last seat but you will need to secure your spot right away because we expect this event to sell out quickly.By registering now you will also be able to take advantage of our limited time early registration special offer and save money in the process.  Just don’t delay to prevent being disappointed.

You can register on the web at this link.

4 – Questions
If you have questions about the Summit or if you prefer to register over the phone, you can do so by calling us at 800-949-7983 (US) or 928-252-2466 (international).  You can also email us at

We look forward to talking to you.
Alain and Natalie Briot

Is printing your own work worth the effort?

I received this question from a reader recently:

Is it really worth the cost and time in the learning curve to print my own vs just using a professional printing house to get started?

Here is my answer:

Absolutely. The reason why I go into the trouble of printing all my work myself is because of two very important reasons:

A – I can do a better job than any lab.  That’s because of my experience printing my work. No one knows my work and what I want to express in my prints better than me.  I also know that I do not want the generic look that most lab operators give to prints.  What this means is that there is no such thing as a single version of a print.  There are as many versions as there are lab operators.  What I want is my version!

B – The value of my prints is in large part due to the fact I make my prints myself.  Who wants an Ansel Adams printed by someone other than Adams?  Not me.  Same with my clients and collectors.  They don’t want an Alain Briot printed by a lab operator.  They want an Alain Briot printed by Alain Briot.  The value is in having a print made by me, not a print made by someone called ‘staff’.

The same reasons apply to you.  You can learn how to print your work to my standards with my Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  I explain which papers I use and every other aspect of the process in these tutorials.  This tutorials are similar to attending my 2 days Printing Mastery Seminar except you don’t need to travel, you don’t have to remember everything in 2 days which is almost impossible, and you can study at your own pace, anywhere you like. Here is the link:

Alain Briot
March 2014

The Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD

1 – Introduction
To learn fine printing and processing you most likely took a class on fine art printing and processing.  Fine art marketing is not different.  Learning fine art marketing requires taking a class on fine art marketing.  Why? Because if you don’t you will need to learn all of this on your own.  Time is precious because we cannot make more of it. Therefore, we are better off marketing our work using proven techniques that others have already figured out instead of trying to figure out what works on our own. Trial and error is wasteful of time and money and is best avoided.

The Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD is packed chock-full with the information, the knowledge and the hands-on experience you need to sell your work. If you are just starting, this is the course you need to get all the information before you make costly and time-consuming mistakes. If you are already selling your work, and want to either increase your income, or fix problems that surfaced since you started, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how someone who has been making an income from the sale of his work for over 10 years is doing it, and doing it successfully.

You can see and download the table of contents for the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD at this link.

Below are questions we are answering on the new Advanced Marketing Workshop on DVD as well as lists of topics we are covering on the DVD. As you read these lists ask yourself if you know the answer to these questions or if you know everything that I am presenting below. If you don’t, then keep in mind that your competitors — the good ones that is, the ones that are doing well– have this knowledge.

2 – Why study marketing?
If you do not have marketing knowledge equal to that of your competitors, and preferably greater than theirs, then you will not be successful when competing with them. This is because they know things that you ignore and these things are what makes the difference between selling and not selling your work.

In other words, you will not be putting the best chances on your side. You will be starting with a handicap, or with one hand tied behind your back, depending on how you prefer to put it.  When thinking about this keep in mind that in business not being successful means losing money.

The solution to this problem is to raise your knowledge of marketing and salesmanship to the level of your competitors and preferably higher than theirs so you go from being at a disadvantage to being at an advantage and in a position of strength. How do you do this? Simply by attending this seminar. Yes, there is a cost for attending and in that sense it may be easier, or less costly, to not attend. But think about it this way: the cost is $975. How fast can you make an extra $975 (actually less if you already have the Marketing CD because we give you a discount) if you sell your work efficiently? The answer is, it may take just one sale. It may take several, but I am confident that by using the knowledge presented in this seminar you will not only recoup your investment but make a much better income than if you did not attend, provided you implement the solutions that I offer during the seminar.

On the other hand, if you do not attend, how much money will you be losing that you could have otherwise earned? The answer is that you will never know. However, I do know. And what I know is that if I did not have the knowledge I present in this seminar –knowledge that I use when selling my work– I would not even be close to being as successful as I am. In my view, and I have a long experience in this regards, this knowledge is essential to being successful selling your work.

One more thing. I had to hire private marketing consultants at a much higher rate than what I am charging in this seminar to learn what I am going to teach you. I also had to spent years, literally, to learn the knowledge I am going to give you in 2 days. In my view, time is my most precious commodity. It is the one commodity that I cannot make more of. I can buy just about everything but I cannot buy myself more time. Granted, the Beatles told me that I Can’t buy me Love and I believe them but that is sort of besides the point. The point is that you cannot buy yourself more time. All you have and all you’ll ever get is 24 hr in a day. You may be the richest or the poorest person on the face of the planet and you still both have exactly 24 hr in a day. The difference between these two persons is not how much time they have. The difference is how they use their time. Personally, if someone told me that I can get the essential knowledge I need to sell my work in 2 days for $975 I would say “where do I sign up?” I would say that because to me this is a huge saving in time. It is also a huge saving in money compared to what I had to spend to acquire this knowledge. I literally spent tens of thousands of dollars paying others to teach me their marketing knowledge, far more than the fee for this Mastery Workshop on DVD.

3 – Think of the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD as: 

A – The solution to your  business problems

B – The way to reach the next step in your photography business

C – The entrance door to new business opportunities

4 – What’s next?
If you are not sure yet if this Mastery Workshop on DVD is for you, read  the questions below and answer them by yes or no :

– Do you sell your work on the basis of  location or on the basis of your name ?

– Do you find that your prices are too low but are afraid of what will happen if you raise them?

– Do want to go further with your work?

– Are you ready for new and  ambitious projects but don’t know what these projects should be ?

– Are you tired of trying to reach the next step by purchasing new equipment?

– Are you ready to develop a personal style but don’t know how to go about it?

– Are you ready to show your work in galleries or museums but don’t know how to go about it?

– Are you ready to create a portfolio of your work but are not sure where to start?

– Do you wonder if your technique is good enough?

– Do you ask yourself if you have a personal style that is easily recognizable ?

–  You have not set specific objectives & goals.

– You have not set specific deadlines for reaching these goals.

– Have you tried to sell your work but were not as successful as you expected?

– Are you unclear about the nuances of  fine art photography sales?

– Are you in the dark about the particulars of the art marketplace?

–  Are you stumped by the remarks and objections that your customers make ?

– Are you unsure how to sell art in the context of today’s economic constraints?

– You are not sure what the 6 myths of fine art marketing are.

– Do you have questions that you can’t get accurate answers to?

– Did you run into ‘problems’ that you need help finding solutions to?

Count the number of yes and no answers.  Yes answers mean that you need to study marketing.   The more yes answers you gave, the more you need to study marketing in order to make money selling your work.

5 – Sell the dream! 
Selling your photographs is a dream. Making money with your photography is a dream.  Maybe you tried and things did not work out as well as you expected.  Maybe you have not tried yet because you are hesitating, unsure of how you should approach selling your work.  Either way, this Mastery Workshop on DVD is designed to make your dream a reality.

The goal is to help you reach the next step with your work  and further your passion for photography.

This is not  an essay or a book.  This is a comprehensive, in-depth training course.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have  questions that I am not addressing here: Your photography is important to us and Natalie and I can help you avoid the major mistakes most photographers make when they decide to sell their work.  I personally made all these mistakes myself and I wasted a lot of my time and money in the process. By studying with us you will learn today what took me 23 years to learn and you will save yourself a lot of money and headaches (or heart-aches!) in the process.

The Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD contains a lifetime of knowledge given to you in a comprehensive and  easy to study manner. This will be the best money you ever spent. Years from now you’ll look back and think: “I’m glad I didn’t pass up on this. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had not purchased this tutorial!”

You don’t have to go to “the school of hard knocks” the way I did. Instead you can use my knowledge to save yourself time, money and aggravation!

You can see a detailed description of the  Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD at this link.

6 – About Alain Briot
I create fine art photographs, teach workshops and offer DVD tutorials on composition, image conversion, optimization, printing and marketing. I am the author of Mastering Landscape Photography, Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style and Marketing Fine Art Photography. All 3 books are available as printed books on and as eBooks on my website at this link:

You can find more information about my work, writings and tutorials as well as subscribe to my Free Monthly Newsletter on my website. To subscribe simply go to and click on the Subscribe link at the top of the page. You will receive 40 free essays in eBook format immediately after subscribing.

I welcome your comments on this essay as well as on my other essays. You can reach me directly by emailing me at

Alain Briot

You can see and download the table of contents for the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD at this link.