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How Photographs are Sold
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Car Photography
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Car Photography eFolio
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1 – I have 3 collections of eBooks

The books:
1 – Mastering Landscape Photography (245 pages)
2 – Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style (370 pages)
3 – Marketing Fine Art Photography (315 pages)
4 – How Photographs are Sold (180 pages)
5 – Car Photography (310 pages)

A description of each book is available in the Free Samplers that you can download by clicking on the book titles above

The eFolios
These are eBook versions of my printed folios. The printed folios are released in limited editions of 50 and sell out fast. The eFolios give you a chance to collect these folios affordably even if the printed folios are sold out.

The collected essays
These include all the essays I wrote from 2003 to 2011. There are 8 eBooks in this collection. A description of this series is available in the Free Sampler which you can download by clicking here now.

2 – eBooks Format
The quality of these eBooks is beautiful and the text is illustrated with numerous photographs. There are well over 350 photographs and illustrations in each ebook. These eBooks are only available on my site. They are not for sale anywhere else.

These eBooks are in PDF format. They can be read on any device that reads PDFs. This includes all Mac and Windows computers, iPads, iPhones, etc. Depending on your specific device you may need to use an app to open the PDFs, although this is becoming less and less necessary. For example the Apple iBooks app will open PDFs automatically. On your computer you will need Adobe Acrobat. It is most likely already installed. If not, you can download it for free at I have no plans to offer these eBooks in other formats at this time.

3 – Reader Testimonials
– Testimonials from readers of my first book

– Testimonials from readers of my second book

– Testimonials from readers of my third book

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Antelope Canyon Universe by Alain Briot

The Photograph
This photograph is titled Antelope Canyon Universe. It is my most recent photograph of Antelope Canyon, one of my all-time favorite locations for photography. It is also the one showing the widest view of Antelope Canyon. My goal was to use the space in the image to show as much of the canyon as possible so as to feature the swirling shapes of Antelope more prominently. The result is an image in which sandstone appears to flow as if it was in motion, with colors that complement each other in hue and saturation.

I selected this image for the February 2015 Print of the Month.  You can see it at this link:


Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

January 24th

I am featuring a photograph of Antelope Canyon on this  page today because it is one of my all-time favorite places in the world. I am often asked what is my favorite photography location. I have many places that I like to photograph over and over again and I don’t like to rank them, but if I have to the top one is Antelope Canyon because of the incredible light quality, shapes and colors that are found there.

Together these elements combine to offer what may be the most varied array of photographic opportunities that can be found in a single place. Not only that, but these possibilities change as the day goes by, as the seasons go by, and as the weather, the wind, and all the other variables that affect landscape photography changes.

If you have not been there yet, Antelope Canyon must be on your to-do bucket list! I always say that there are two phases in the life of a landscape photographer: before Antelope Canyon and after Antelope Canyon. If you are part of the first group, you need to go there. If you are part of the second group, like me, you need to go back there! I have been to Antelope Canyon well over a hundred times starting in 1986 and continuing to this day. Not only do I not tire of it, I find that I understand it better and better each time and that this understanding leads me to create new images each time, images that I have not done before.

Join us! We only have a couple seats left this spring for the 2015 Antelope Canyon Workshop, but one can be yours if you do it now:

Alain Briot

Reaching your goals in 2015

Whether you think you can or think you cannot you are correct.
Henry Ford

1 – Introduction – New Year Resolutions

We all make resolutions at the start of the year.  However, for many these resolutions disappear into the ether around the end of January.  Quite often, thirty days is what it takes for old habits to return, for resolutions to be forgotten and for goals not to be achieved.  This is in part why I am publishing this essay at the end of January.  This is the time when many of us need help achieving the goals we set for the year.

So how do you do it?  How do you achieve your goals? How do you stick to your resolutions for the long-term, the whole year, and not just for a month?  Here are a few tips that have work for me and I believe will work for you as well.

2 – Focus on your vision

Vision is your guiding light.  Vision is what you see that others cannot see.  Only you know what your vision is and why it matters to you.  When setting your new year resolutions, let your vision guide you.  By doing so you will set goals that are meaningful in the context of your entire life, not just in the context of this year alone.  These will be goals that matter to you and that are worth committing to.  They will be goals that make the hard work needed to reach them worth it.  They may be new goals or they may be goals you have been meaning to achieve for a long time.  Either way reaching these goals will help make your life meaningful and build your self-worth.

3 – Set specific goals

Setting specific goals is half the battle because a goal set is a goal that is already partially reached.  This is because setting a specific goal forces you to define the path you will follow to reach this goal.  Once that path is set, all you have to do is follow it.

4 – Set specific deadlines

Setting goals is important but without deadlines nothing gets done.  Deadlines set a line in the sand, so to speak, a time by which things must get done.  Again, be specific when setting your deadlines.  For example say: I will have 12 fine art prints matted and framed by June 30th.  Or, I will have my folio project that includes 12 prints, an artist statement, a biography printed, packaged and ready to show by July 1st, 2015.

5 – Start with what is hard, reward yourself with what is easy

Make a list of what you have to do each day, then give a letter to each task.  A for the most important and difficult tasks, B for the second most important tasks, C for the less important tasks and D for the easiest tasks.  Start your day by working on the A tasks, the most important and difficult ones.  When those are all done, move to the B tasks.  Don’t move to the B tasks until all A tasks are done.  Do this for all the tasks on your list.  By the time you get to the Ds you will find them so easy that they will feel more like rewards than actual tasks.

6 – Define success in your own terms

Success is different for all of us.  Therefore you need to define what success is for you.  Don’t define success as others see it.  Define it as you see it.

What constitutes success for you is most likely different from what constitutes success for others. Your goals, your desires and overall what you consider to be success in a specific endeavor is unique to you.  Don’t worry about it.  Whether what you want is more or less or different from what other people want is irrelevant because you and them are different people in different situations focused on different goals.

7 – Be realistic

Only realistic goals get done.  Overly ambitious goals are discouraging because they are so lofty that we feel we will never reach them.  Unrealistic deadlines have the same effect.  When deadlines are set too far in the future they make us feel we have all the time in the world so we never get started.  When deadlines are too short they make us feel we wont’ have time to get things done.  Either way we get discouraged before we even begin working on our goals.

A realistic goal is a goal you know you can achieve with the time and resources you have available to you.  Only you know what is realistic.  Just like success is individually defined, what is realistic is individually defined as well.  What is realistic for you is different from what is realistic for others.  When you set realistic goals you give yourself the opportunity to succeed.  When you set unrealistic goals you set yourself up for failure.

To be effective deadlines also have to be realistic.  For example, a good rule of thumb for finishing a photography folio project is 6 months until completion. This time frame works well for me and for my students.

8 – Quantify

Even though you defined success in your own terms, it is challenging to achieve a goal that is not quantified.  To achieve your goals you need to define them precisely.  The first step is to quantify these goals.  This means putting numbers on what you want to achieve.  How many fine art photographs that you will be proud to show to everyone do you want to create this year?  How many projects do you want to complete?  How many locations do you want to photograph? How many workshops do you want to attend?  The list goes on; these are just examples.

9 – Check your progress regularly (daily, weekly or monthly)

Mark Twain said that bad habits must be pushed out of the house one step at a time.  They cannot be kicked out because if you do that they will return. Instead, they have to be persuaded to leave, making it clear that they are unwelcome so they do not come back.  This is done little by little by making sure at regular intervals that we are on our way to betterment, whatever the endeavor might be.

Whatever resolutions you took, whatever goals you set, make it a habit to ask yourself regularly what you did so far to reach these goals and resolutions.  Do this each day for daily goals.  Do it each week for weekly goals.  Then at the end of the month do a monthly check during which you list all that you did this month in regard to reaching a specific goal or following through on a specific resolution.

Doing so makes you accountable for following through.  The goals you set are no longer abstract ideas.  They are now live actions that you are working on daily and for which you must show weekly and monthly progress.  Accountability is the keyword here.  Making ourselves accountable for the goals we set means we feel responsible to achieve these goals.  Goals and resolutions are no longer a ‘maybe’ proposition.  Instead they become a ‘must,’ something we have to get done.

10 – Be creative, not competitive. 

Competition means trying to outdo someone else.  Creativity means finding unique ways of reaching our personal goals.  When you operate on the basis of competition you focus on others.  When you operate on the basis of creativity you focus on yourself.  Eventually what matters most is you.  Reaching your personal goals has nothing to do with how well, or poorly as the case might be, others are doing.  Reaching your goals is not a matter of outdoing others.  Reaching your goals is a matter of outdoing yourself.  The way to achieve this is through creative thinking, by making the necessary breakthrough, the leap of faith that will allow you to make the changes you need in order to reach the goals you set for this year.

11 – Don’t worry

There will be obstacles along the way but those can be dealt with in due time, whenever they show up.  The problem with worrying about things that have not happened yet is that it means worrying about things that are vague and undefined.  Most of our fears never materialize. However, in the process of worrying about what would happen if they did, we waste our time and damage our health.  Nobody dies of hard work but many die of worry.  The expression ‘worried to death’ attests to this.  Don’t join the list by worrying unnecessarily about things that might happen.  Just move forward by working on your goals and deal with problems when, and if, they show up.

12 – Focus on the positive

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.  The mind finds ways of obtaining what we think about.  Therefore think about what you want and you will get what you want.  If you think about what you don’t want, you will get what you don’t want. In other words, as Henry Ford put it, whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are correct.  Therefore think that you can.  Think of concrete ways of reaching your goals and you will be on your way to making things happen.

13 – Get help from people who are where you want to be

Don’t reinvent the wheel. The wheel has been invented and all you need to do is learn how to use it. To do this get advice from those who have been there themselves.  Only those who have been where you want to go can help you get there in a practical, efficient and successful manner.  They are realistic about it and they know exactly what it takes to get there.  Their advice will get you there faster than you ever will on your own.

14 – Don’t do trial and error

The trial and error process is wasteful of both time and money.  If you are like me, your time is precious.  Certainly, money is important as well.  However, for many of us time is more valuable than money because we can make more money but we can’t make more time.  Therefore, if we can afford to, using money to reach our goals is the most efficient approach.

15 – Focus on both soft skills and hard skills

Both set of skills are important and necessary for success.  Don’t focus on one or the other exclusively.  Instead, set goals that foster the acquisition and the development of both.  If you are not familiar with these two skills, read my essay titled Soft Skills and Hard Skills because it describes what they are in detail.

16 – Conclusion

Nobody is perfect, myself included.  However, we can all improve our success by following the simple steps listed in this essay. If we do so we will be on our way to keep our 2015 resolutions. Eventually, it boils down to a simple approach: focusing on our vision, defining success in our own terms, quantifying what represents success, not letting negativity get in our way and going for it.

About Alain Briot
I create fine art photographs, teach workshops and offer DVD tutorials on composition, image conversion, optimization, printing and marketing. I am the author of Mastering Landscape Photography, Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style, How Photographs are Sold and Marketing Fine Art Photography. All 4 books are available as printed books on and as eBooks on my website at this link:

You can find more information about my work, writings and tutorials as well as subscribe to my Free Monthly Newsletter on my website. To subscribe simply go to and click on the Subscribe link at the top of the page. You will receive 40 free essays in eBook format immediately after subscribing.

I welcome your comments on this essay as well as on my other essays. You can reach me directly by emailing me at

Alain Briot
January 2015

Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD announcement


In 2006 I released the Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This year, 8 years later, I released the Advanced  Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This new Workshop on DVD is called the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD because the contents of this new Workshop on DVD goes way beyond the contents of the Introductory Marketing Workshop on DVD.

Click here if you want to go to the special offer page immediately:

This new tutorial is also up to date with today’s economy.  8 years ago is a huge amount of time in the world of marketing. A lot of things happened in those 8 years!  The most significant being that we went through a dramatic recession of which we have not fully emerged yet.

In 2006 the economy was rock solid and business was rocking.  If you had asked anyone back then what they thought the future had in store, they would have said ‘more of the same’.  In other words, positivism ran wild back then.  People were optimistic.  Everyone was buying and spending freely.


The recession came as a shock and took many people down with it.  Housing values crumbled. Net worth was severely diminished.  To face what for many amounted to a disaster people cut down on unnecessary expenses. One such expense was art, photographic art in our situation.  There is no point buying a photograph to hang over the mantle when you are foreclosing on your home.  Similarly, home decor, one of the main reasons collectors purchase fine art photographs, is not on people’s radar when they lose they job, see the value of their investments plummet or face other dire financial issues.

Some fine art photographers went out of business.  Some made do.  Some did better than they ever did.  We know why some went out of business. There is no mystery there.  We can also guess how some managed to ‘make do.’  Cutting expenses, going into ‘survival’ mode and basically waiting out the storm hoping that things will improve.  The real question, the one that is puzzling many people, is how and why did some fine art photographers manage to do better in such a poor economic situation. The short answer: they knew how to market their work successfully during a recession.  The longer answer: the contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  It’s all there and it works.

This new seminar is centered around the message that is at the center of my teaching:

The most important aspect of selling your work successfully
is taking control of your own destiny instead of waiting to be discovered

The reason for this focus is that I’ve never been fond of waiting.  Call me impatient if you want, that’s fine with me.  Life is simply too short to wait to be discovered.  Plus there’s a major problem with waiting.  What if nobody comes?  What if nothing happens?  What if we are never discovered?  To me that option is no fun at all and I am not willing to take the chance of waiting for nothing.  Especially since there is a solid and efficient alternative and that is to be pro-active and take control of our destiny ourselves.  Who wants to wait?  Not me and I’m ready to bet not you either.  Especially if you know how to make things happen now.

The contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
All this is nice but I am sure you want to know exactly what is in this new Seminar.  Well, no problem.  Here is the table of contents.  There are 19 sections.  Each section featuring one to ten sub-sections:

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – How Fine Art Photographs are Sold

Section 3:  Theory – The Fine Art Photography Business

Section 4:  Theory – Understanding the Selling process

Section 5:  Theory – Why people buy art

Section 6:  Practice – How to start your business

Section 7:  Practice – Where to sell your work

Section 8:  Practice – Seeking Gallery Representation

Section 9:  Practice – Selling on the web

Section 10:  Practice – Communicating with customers

Section 11:  Practice – Improving Sales

Section 12:  Practice – Managing your career

Section 13:  Practice – Creating the Lifestyle you desire

Section 14:  Practice – How are you going to do this

Section 15:  Practice – The 12 commandments of Marketing

Section 16:  Conclusion

Section 17:  Artist Stories

Section 18:  Reference files

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Best regards,

Alain Briot

The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection

The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection

Natalie and I are proud to announce a new Limited Edition Print Collection: The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection:

The 2014 Holiday Print of the Season is titled Comb Ridge Sunset.

This print is only offered during the 2014 Holiday Season. Availability ends on December 31st or when all 14 prints are sold, whichever comes first.

The edition is limited to 14 prints to celebrate 2014. There will be 15 prints in 2015, 16 in 2016 and so on.

You can see the image we selected for the 2014 Holliday season at the link below: