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Vision Vision starts with personal taste. It starts with a conscious awareness of what you like and don’t like. One of the first exercises you can do is make a list of what you like and don’t like in photography and which photographers you like and dislike. Vision is about …

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The most important aspect of photography is not the gear you own or the techniques you use. The most important aspect of photography is light.

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Happy Holidays from Alain and Natalie Briot

December 21, 2012 Art, Success, Workshops 1 Comment

Happy Holidays from Alain and Natalie Briot.  May 2013 be filled with the creation of fantastic photographs and the completion of exciting projects!

Alain Briot

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Grand Canyon posters by Alain Briot

November 26, 2012 Art, Marketing, Technique 3 Comments

I have 2 different Grand Canyon posters available:

1- The Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon Poster

2 – The Yavapai Point at Sunset Grand Canyon Poster.

Both posters are available at this link:


A special offer is available as well.


Alain Briot



Why I Photograph Cars

October 28, 2012 Art, Cars, Technique No Comments

Why I Photograph Cars
by Alain Briot

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment
to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal –a commitment to excellence-
that will enable you to attain the success you seek.
Mario Andretti

1 – Introduction
My primary photographic subject is landscape photography.  I came to photograph cars not as a professional occupation, but because I wanted beautiful photographs of my personal cars for my own enjoyment.

In short, car photography was, and still is, a hobby. I enjoy photographing cars to change my mind from landscape photography.  I find car photography to be fun and relaxing.  I photograph my own cars, as well as cars that I like and cars in historical, racing or other interesting settings.

2 – Why I photograph cars
We all have cars.  Or we will all have cars.  That is, unless we committed ourselves to public transportation for the rest of our lives, or resolved ourselves to using a bicycle, or decided that walking will be our only form of locomotion.

While we may own the cars we photograph, many of the cars we want to photograph are not owned by us.  They are either too expensive, too unique, or simply not for sale.  This is the case for race cars, in particular those being raced at the present time, because they are the sole property of the race teams.  It is also the case for unique vehicles that belong to museums or to private collectors and of cars that are simply too pricy to purchase.  Finally, regardless of our level of income, we simply cannot own all the cars we like.  While some succeed at assembling a fascinating collection over many years, doing so is not commonplace.  Furthermore, no matter how much we try, there will always be certain cars that stay away from ownership reach.

Because of this, for many car enthusiasts seeing cars in person and bringing back photographs of these cars is an important aspect of enjoying the vehicles we like.  I should say ‘bringing back good photographs’ or better ‘bringing back great photographs. ‘ This is what this is all about.  Owning a great photograph of a great car is almost as good as owning a great car.  Not quite the same, I agree.  You cannot drive the photograph, you cannot hear the scream of the engine when looking at an image and you do not have the scent of leather, oil and gas. But when you have seen and experienced the real car, a good photograph has the power of bringing this back to you when you look at the image.  Why?  Because a great photograph captures not just the look of the car.  It also captures its soul.

A great photograph captures not only what the car looks like but also, and most importantly, how the car feels. It has the power of bringing back the emotions generated by the car.  It represents what the car means to you, both on a factual and an emotional level.  It also offers the opportunity of sharing your vision with others through your photographs, and of making them see and feel what you saw and felt.

3 – The eBook
I do car photography for my personal enjoyment, my primary photographic activity being landscape photography. However, this series of car photographs has been very well received and I have had a lot of questions about how I created them. I therefore created an eBook to explain how these photographs were created, to express my approach to car photography and to describe my vision.
The Car Photography eBook is avaible for order at this link:

4 – The Folio and eFolio
I also decided to create an eFolio, an electronic version of a Folio, to present a  selection of my favorite car photographs.  Ninety photographs are featured in the eFolio.  These ninety images represent my initial selection from hundreds, if not thousands, of car photographs.

Later this year I plan to release a Folio, a physical collection of 5×7 images printed on 8×10 fine art paper, accompanied by an artist statement, a biography and a colophon and presented in a die-cut Folio enclosure. This physical Folio will feature 15 car photographs.  Therefore, from my eFolio initial selection of 90 images, I will have to remove 75 photographs to get to the final selection of 15 photographs that will be included in the Folio. This will be a tough process since I will have to eliminate about three fourth of the images featured in the eFolio.

The Cars eFolio is available for order at this link:

Alain Briot
October 2012


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New Car Photography eBook

October 26, 2012 Art, Cars, Technique No Comments
Latest News:

New Ebook on Car Photography by Alain Briot

November 27th

A new eBook is available. It is titled Car Photography by Alain Briot.

For a limited time this new eBook is offered at a special offer price 20% lower than the regular price. Plus, you receive the new Car Photography eFolio, featuring 85 pages of stunning car photographs, free when you place your order.

All the details are at this link:

If you are not sure why I photograph cars, the answer is in the free sampler taht you can download for free at this link:

Alain Briot

Composition notes #1/6

October 25, 2012 Art, Composition, Technique No Comments

Composition Notes

1 – About Photographers
A great photographer has, above everything else, a great eye.  Camera gear is important, but secondary. Great photographs are the result of acute seeing abilities.  If anything, the best gear is the one that frees the photographer from thinking about technique and lets him free to concentrate on seeing.

In landscape photography, the photographer must be able to follow changes in the light, the weather, the clouds, the shadows, etc. as they happen and shoot continuously, while exposing, focusing and completing other technical tasks properly.  Only then can the photographer follow his inspiration and work his way through the multiple opportunities offered by the changing light and weather.

Alain Briot


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Art, equipment and professionalism

October 20, 2012 Success, Technique 1 Comment

Art, equipment and Professionalism

Most art collectors cannot tell an Epson 9880 from a 9900. They buy the image, not the printer.
Alain Briot

An important step in the personal development of a photographer into an artist is to step away from considering the equipment first and the work second. The minute the work comes first and the equipment comes second you are on your way to creating art.

Another important step is when you start to “lag” or “lapse,” intentionally or not, on upgrading your equipment. This lapse represents a switch in your focus from the gear to the work. While there are important milestones in equipment and software acquisition, there is no need to get each and every software package or camera gear that comes out to do meaningful work. In the end, except for the main technical components that define your work (the subject you focus on and the type of prints you make for example), few of the technical specs about the gear and software you use will make it into the memory of the people who admire and collect your art or into “posterity.”

Few people will ever know which version of Photoshop you used to create a specific image. That they know you used Photoshop might be all! Similarly, few people will know what brand of camera you used, and even fewer will know which exact model within that brand. I tend to think that it is the mark of amateurs to list each piece of gear and software they own when talking about their work. Professionals know that this information is far relatively unimportant to collectors. They know that art is about the artist’s vision and not about the gear and software they used.

Professionalism, incidentally, is a state of mind, a personal approach that focuses on dedication and the desire to create quality work. Professionalism is not a financial situation. It is not related to how much money you make, if any, from your photography. Instead, it is related to the attitude you have in regards to your photography. Professionals are committed to achieving the finest results in their work and are willing to do what it takes to reach this goal.

Alain Briot


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Workshop Openings Update

September 8, 2012 Workshops No Comments

Here are our current workshop openings:


1 – Our fall 2012 Workshops are sold out except for the Death Valley Workshop: 

2 – Our 2013 workshops are filling out quickly. Here is the link to all of them: 

Email alain@beautiful-landscape.com with any questions or to register. Pricing and detailed information are available at the links above.

Best regards,


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Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail Poster by Alain Briot

September 5, 2012 Art No Comments

Bright Angel Trail poster,
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

20″ x 39″
$35 only  – Free Shipping

I received your print today and just want to say: WOW! Yes, it is breathtaking.
I get some ooohs and ahhs from some of the work I print
but your print was awesome.
Keep up the good work. Thanks for running the special to entice some of us to sample what is possible with
current technology, skill, and a strong dedication to excellence. From the matting to the packaging it was a first class job.
Carl Fountain, Lakewood, California

The Photograph
The photograph on this poster shows the entire length of the Bright Angel Trail, from the South Rim to the North Rim. The photograph shows the trail starting near the El Tovar hotel, then going down through the Bright Angel Trail Switchbacks to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd resthouses and finally reaching the RedWall formation. Once past the Redwall the trail takes you to Indian Garden, where a campground and Ranger residences are located. From Indian Garden you can take a dead-end trail to Plateau Point, a breathtaking overlook over 1000 feet above the Colorado River and the Inner Gorge of the Grand Canyon. Or, you can continue your journey down Bright Angel Creek to the Colorado River which you will cross on the Suspension Bridge. From there it is a short hike to Phantom Ranch where you can spend one or several nights, either at the Ranch or at the campground. From there you can hike back to the South rim the way you came or via the Kaibab Trail. You can also hike all the way to the North Rim by hiking the North Kaibab Trail to Roaring Springs and then to the North Rim.

The Poster
This poster showcases this unique photograph showing the entire length of the trail from the South Rim to the North Rim. The poster faithfully reproduces the colors of the original fine art print. The size of the poster is 20×39. The lettering is particularly attractive and stretches the whole length of the poster.

Order this beautiful poster now for only $35 including shipping anywhere in the world!
a) Order with PayPal by clicking on the Paypal button above

b) Call toll free at 800-949-7983 or 928-252-2466 and place your order directly on our toll free hotline using any credit card.

c) Use the pdf order form. Click here to download your pdf emailable order form, fill in your shipping and credit card information and email it back 24 hrs a day. You can also return your order form by mail if you like.

Shipping costs for this poster are included in the price. US orders are shipped via US Priority Mail insured and trackable. International and overseas orders are shipped via US Airmail insured. Your package is normally shipped the day after we receive your order.

Each package is professionally packed and insured for its full value by us. We guarantee that you will receive your poster in perfect condition. If you receive your poster damaged simply contact us and then return the damaged photograph to us. We will ship you a new piece right away upon receipt of your returned poster at no extra cost.

One year, 100% Money Back Guarantee
All purchases are covered by my unique 100% Take one year to decide money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason just return it (in original condition) for a refund or credit. Take one year to decide.

Order Now
a) email your order form. Click here to download your pdf emailable order form, fill in your shipping and credit card information and email it back 24 hrs a day. You can also return your order form by mail if you like.

b) Call toll free at 800-949-7983 or 928-252-2466 and place your order directly on our toll free hotline using any credit card.

c) Order with PayPal by clicking on the Paypal button above


Orders shipped to Arizona are charged sales tax. No tax is charged on out of state orders.
Copyright © Alain Briot 2012

Alain Briot

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Alain Briot Mastery Workshops on DVD Limited Time Special Offer

September 4, 2012 Art, Technique, Workshops No Comments

Mastery Workshops on DVD Updates
and Special Offer

New updates are available for all five Mastery Workshops on DVD:

1 – Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD: New Composition Example
2 – Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD: Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom LR4 quickstep updates
3 – Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD: Valiani Matcutter
4 – Personal Style Master Class Workshop on DVD:
– Can software help you create a personal style?
 – How can you find out if you have a personal style?
5 – Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD: Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom LR4 quickstep updates

Log on to the update area for each DVD to download these updates. They are free to all Mastery Workshops on DVD owners.

If you do not own one, or any, Mastery Workshop on DVD, a special offer is available that will save you a lot of money: click here to see the specifics of this special offer.

NEW – Pay in 3 equal instalments
We offer the option of paying for your Mastery Workshops in DVD in 3 equal installments instead of all at once. The three installments will be placed on your credit card a month apart. The first installment will be applied the day you place your order, the second a month later and the third two months later. To take advantage of this option simply email alain@beautiful-landscape.com or call us with your credit card, phone number and shipping information. There is no extra cost for this option and your order will ship immediately.

NEW – All 5 Mastery DVDs are available on USB Flash Card Drive
Just let us know that you want your order shipped on a USB Flash Card Drive after you place your order: alain@beautiful-landscape.com The contents are exactly the same whether you choose the CD/DVDs or the USB flash Card option. You also receive all the same benefits and have access to the free updates area. We offer both options because some computers, such as the MacBook Air, do not have a CD/DVD drive and also because some students prefer this option for other reasons.

Discover the Special Offer at this link:

Alain Briot


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Using Color Harmonies in Photography, Part 1 of 9: Monochromatic Color Harmony

August 26, 2012 Art, Composition, Technique 1 Comment

Using Color Harmonies in Photography
Part 1 of 9: Monochromatic Color Harmony
1 – Introduction: The Nine Color Harmonies
In order to create a specific color palette for a photograph, colors need to be organized. This is done by using one of several color arrangements. These different color arrangements are called Color Harmonies. They are called harmonies because the goal of these arrangements is to create harmonious color palettes.

There are nine different color harmonies. In this series of essays, we are going to look at examples of all nine harmonies. In doing so I will go over what each harmony consists of and provide examples of each harmony.

2 – The Three Variables of Color
Color is influenced by three variables: hue, saturation and luminosity. To create a specific color harmony, all three variables of color need to be modified. This is done in the software, either in the raw converter or for a higher level of control, using layers in Photoshop.

Here is a short description of the three variables of color:

  • Hue – refers to the name of a color. For example blue, red, yellow, etc.
  • Saturation – which is also called chroma, is the intensity of a color. High saturation colors are bright and colorful while low saturation colors are less colorful and appear dull.
  • Luminosity – which is also referred to as value, is the lightness or the darkness of a color. Any color can be made lighter or darker. In painting. this is achieved by adding black or white to a color. In photography, it is achieved by increasing or lowering the exposure of the image either in the camera or in the software. In a photograph, areas that receive a lot of exposure are more luminous than areas which received little exposure.

3 – Monochromatic Color Harmony
The first color harmony we are going to study is the Monochromatic color harmony.

In a Monochromatic color harmony we use any single color plus tints, shades and tones of the same color. For example, orange with black, white and grey added.

A tint is a color to which white was added, a shade is a color to which black was added, and a tone is a color to which grey was added.

In a monochromatic color harmony, the hue stays the same in the entire image. Only the saturation and the luminosity of the color changes.

Very delicate effects can be created with this harmony because the use of a single color lends itself to subtlety and refinement in art.

4 – Example: Bryce Canyon Sunrise Fog
This photograph was taken at sunrise in Bryce Canyon National Park. There was a heavy layer of fog over the canyon. The sun was rising behind the fog, giving the fog an orange glow. The whole scene exhibited a natural monochromatic color harmony, the color being composed of variations of orange tones, some lighter, some darker, some more saturated and some less saturated.

5 – Remarks on this Color Harmony

  • This color harmony is found frequently in nature on overcast, pre-dawn, or post-dusk lighting conditions
  • Only 1 color is present but in luminosity and saturation levels
  • This is a very effective and artistic harmony
  • In this harmony, as with many aspects of art, less is more
  • This harmony is minimalist by definition

6 – Continuing Your Studies
Color harmonies are one of the most important aspects of a personal style. If you are working on developing your style take a look at my just-released Personal Style Master Class Workshop on DVD. A FREE 20 pages ebook table of content is available. All you need to do is email me at alain@beautiful-landscape.com with the words ‘Master Class’ in the subject line and you will receive the link to the free eBook immediately.

Alain Briot

About Alain Briot

Alain Briot creates fine art photographs, teaches workshops and offers DVD tutorials on composition, conversion, optimization, printing and marketing photographs. Alain is also the author of Mastering Landscape Photography. Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style and Marketing Fine Art Photography. All 3 books are available from Amazon and other bookstores as well from Alain’s website.

You can find more information about Alain’s work, writings and tutorials as well as subscribe to Alain’s Free Monthly Newsletter on his website at http://www.beautiful-landscape.com To subscribe simply go to http://www.beautiful-landscape.com and click on the Subscribe link at the top of the page. You will have access to over 40 free essays by Alain, in PDF format, immediately after subscribing.

Alain welcomes your comments on this essay as well as on his other essays. You can reach Alain directly by emailing him at alain@beautiful-landscape.com

Text, diagrams and photographs copyright © Alain Briot 2012. All rights reserved

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