This photograph was created during the 2012 Eclipse of the Sun.

The photograph was taken from the Island in the Sky viewpoing in Canyonlands National Park, not that it matters since you cannot tell from the photo where it was taken.

I used a 250mm lens on my medium format digital camera. The image was cropped during processing. #eclipse #canyonlands


Alain Briot

Workshop Exercises

Workshop Exercises

Workshop Exercises

Natalie and I teach instruction-focused workshops.  During each workshop we give you Skills Enhancement Exercises to complete.   These exercises cover a wide variety of topics and their goal is to help you develop and refine your skills in every aspect of fine art photography.

These exercises vary from workshop to workshop and are therefore unique to each workshop.  We design these exercises to meet the specific goals of each workshop. For example, if the focus of the Workshop is Light, Composition, Creativity and Personal Style, the Skills Enhancement Exercises for this workshop will focus specifically on these 4 areas.

These exercises will then include the following:

1 – Learning about the different types of natural light and how to use them
2 – Studying and using the different types of compositions
3 – learning how to use a handheld viewfinder to compose your photogrpahs (this viewfinder is given to you during the workshop)
4 – Energizing your creativity
5 – Developing a personal style.

All these exercises are presented during the workshop through lectures given by Natalie and myself.  We also give you printed handouts for each set of exercises as well as a syllabus for the course and a detailed itinerary (you get a lot of documents to study with during our workshops)!

That way you do not need to take notes unless you want to. The handouts have everything on them. You then practice these exercises during the workshop under the guidance of Natalie and myself. We are here to help you and to offer suggestions and guidance.

Finally, most participants and students scontinue practicing with these exercises and using the handouts after the workshop.

Right now we still have seats available for our Spring 2016 workshop, but they is filling out quickly because participants are filling out their 2016 workshop schedules.  YOu can see which workshops still have open seats on teh Workshops Description page:

Alain Briot
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– Mastering Composition, Creativity and Personal Style
– Marketing Fine Art Photography
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Is printing your own work worth the effort?

I received this question from a reader recently:

Is it really worth the cost and time in the learning curve to print my own vs just using a professional printing house to get started?

Here is my answer:

Absolutely. The reason why I go into the trouble of printing all my work myself is because of two very important reasons:

A – I can do a better job than any lab.  That’s because of my experience printing my work. No one knows my work and what I want to express in my prints better than me.  I also know that I do not want the generic look that most lab operators give to prints.  What this means is that there is no such thing as a single version of a print.  There are as many versions as there are lab operators.  What I want is my version!

B – The value of my prints is in large part due to the fact I make my prints myself.  Who wants an Ansel Adams printed by someone other than Adams?  Not me.  Same with my clients and collectors.  They don’t want an Alain Briot printed by a lab operator.  They want an Alain Briot printed by Alain Briot.  The value is in having a print made by me, not a print made by someone called ‘staff’.

The same reasons apply to you.  You can learn how to print your work to my standards with my Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  I explain which papers I use and every other aspect of the process in these tutorials.  This tutorials are similar to attending my 2 days Printing Mastery Seminar except you don’t need to travel, you don’t have to remember everything in 2 days which is almost impossible, and you can study at your own pace, anywhere you like. Here is the link:

Alain Briot
March 2014